Monday, October 17, 2005

Prizren building 34: this is a monument to "Ismet Jashari Komandant Kumanova [Kumanova Commander Ismet Jashari]".

As I've explained in relation to Vasilevs' allegations against Xhevat Berisha, 'I don't want to try to have a discussion when I don't have any information or confirmation', but, given Amnesty International's concerns that alleged criminals were,
tortured with electric shock batons during their interrogation and that at least one of them was beaten. Torture and ill-treatment by police of such suspects to obtain "confessions" is unfortunately routine in the province in the organization's experience,
which would certainly bring into question the trustworthiness of the police, whose interpretations and actions Vasilevs' presentation depends upon, these matters of definition are obviously not as simple as Vasilevs' comments would suggest.

As I observed in the other post,
Tribunal Watch List recorded that on the 8th of August 2001, 'German soldiers used barbed wire to stop the construction of the monument to Xhevat Berisha, killed on September 1, 1998 in the village of Lez', before, on the 20th,
More than 3000 people protested against the decision to ban the erection of the statue to Xhevat Berisha and Ismet Jashari - Kumanova. At 12.15, the protestors scuffled with KFOR soldiers and the police. Police used tear-gas, truncheons and trained dogs against the protestors. A number of protestors were injured and had to ask for medical help at the hospital in Prizren. Liman Sejranaj suffered serious body injuries.
So, if KFOR/Police intervention was in any way justified, 'what happened between August 2001 and July 2005 that a statue was erected?'

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  1. This is the islamic (albanian) terrorist.You can see the rifle in the right hand and civilian close.