Saturday, December 10, 2005

Prizren building 55: this is another of Prizren's many mosques. When some local Albanian youths saw me getting ready to take the photograph, they got my attention, then, jokingly, warned me that, "they [KFOR] will shoot you!" and that, "they will kill you!"

To limit the intelligence available to potential terrorists, KFOR ban photographs of their bases and staff and in order to protect Kosova/Kosovo's cultural heritage, they have converted some cultural heritage sites into military sites.

Thankfully, I never had a gun pointed at me, but the KFOR soldiers always made it very clear to me that I couldn't take any photographs of sites at which they were present, even if I ensured that they were out-of-shot.

I had already taken photographs of the fourteenth-century Serbian Orthodox Church of St. Saviour and, though they were from a great distance and the military installation was obscured, they did ask for me to delete them (and I did).

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