Monday, March 19, 2007

Prizren Namazgah 2b: this is a close-up of the public information board for Fatih Sultan Mehmed Namazgâhı or Kırık Camii (taken so I could read the English text afterwards).

It reads:
Namazgah stands for a mosque without a roof which is design[ed] for large groups to perform namaz together. This work was built on 21st of June 1455, [in] Fatih Sultan Mehmet's period. It is known that, in the past, near this mosque, which is called "Kırık Camii" by the public, there was a martyrdom. Digging and restoration activities of this work is done with the cooperation of Kosovo Turkish Task Force Battalion, Prizren Municipality, Prizren Institute for Protection of Ancient Works, Prizren Presidency of Islamic Unity, Turkish Republic Republic Religious Affairs Presidency, Turkish International Cooperation and Development Administration (TICA) and Turkish Gazi University Faculty of Science and Literature between 12th of October 2001 and 5th of April 2002.

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